Raquel "Rocky" Blue
Rocky Blue
Rocky Blue dancing on "Shake It Up Chicago".

Full Name: Raquel Oprah Blue

No information

Nicknames: Rocky




Raquel Oprah Blue is one of the two main leading characters in the TV Series "shake It Up." Described of the good girl of the two, Rocky is intelligent, and optimistic, and isn't too fond of trouble, but is usually dragged into it by her best friend CeCe Jones. She was the first of the two to receive a spot on "Shake It Up Chicago." She is portrayed by Zendaya.


"And if it wasnt clear enough...No!" (Telling CeCe she wasnt going to sneak out).


"Oh! what could go wrong if we bring home a pregnant cat, or leave camp early, or get sushi from a gas station! I was on the toilet for 600 days!!!!!!!!" *sarcastically*


Section HeadingEdit

Rocky Oprah Blue is a 13 year old teenage girl who dances on a tv show called Shake it Up. She is often desribed as the more thoughtful of the two girls. As said on the show she wasnt fully potty trained till she was six and responeded that she thought she get suck in DANCING

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